Support SLAs – Can we stop this madness?

Do you produce something like this each month?

You probably do. Most corporate IT support teams have response and resolution targets for each incident priority.

They’re expressed like this, “We aim to resolve 90% of P2s within 4 hours”. Data from ITSM software is used to create a report showing the percentage of tickets that meet those targets. The report is regularly shared with customers (to show them what a great job IT is doing) and once a year a Service Delivery Manager gets together with the business to review the targets. Although neither party would admit it, both are clueless as to what those targets should be.

Can we all agree to stop this madness?


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6 ways to deliver better service and reduce support costs

Imagine if there was a way to improve customer service and reduce support costs at the same time.

Well, there is.

When Sprint went from being the worst rated telco for customer satisfaction to the best, it reduced its customer care costs by about a third ($2bn a year).

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

My vision is to stop the Service Desk being the brunt of so many “helpless desk” jokes. I’m going to make ‘The IT Crowd’ unfunny. But one hurdle comes from inside IT. I often talk to CIOs who express their concern that improving service is at odds with their objective to keep IT operating costs down. They see good service and a lean budget as polar opposites. They’re not. Delivering a good customer experience costs less than a bad one.

Here are six ways that you can have your cake and eat it too:


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